Starloop Setup Guide

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have completed the fast and easy steps in the Starloop Quick Start Video before proceeding with this setup guide. 

Your Starloop Feedback Page

Starloop will help drive your clients to your Starloop Feedback Page. This is the page that encourages your clients to write you a review and looks something like this: 

It's important to get your Feedback Page properly set up. It's super easy, let's get started! 

1. Access your Feedback Page

  • Click Business Settings in the main menu. This takes you to all the settings that affect your feedback page.

2. Setting Up Your Business Name

  • Click the light grey text under Business Name
  • Type in the business exact name you want to use
  • Hit Enter

3. Customize your Short URL

  • Click the light grey text under Short URL
  • Type in the Short URL you want to use
  • TIP: Try to make this as short and simple as possible

Example: If your business is called "Oak Ridge Locksmith and Security Services" you might want to use something short such as "oakridgelock" for your short URL

4. Set your Timezone 

Select the timezone of your business by clicking the Prefered Timezone dropdown.

5. Set up Notifications

Click the pink + sign to add any email addresses you want to receive email notifications when you get new reviews. 

6. Now, go to Invitations

Before you start sending Invites using Starloop

  • Click Invitations in the main menu, then
  • Click Invites Settings

7. Set up Invitations

Invite Settings is where Starloop where you configure settings for outbound Starloop emails and texts to your clients.

  • From Business: Click this text and type in your business name 
  • Sender Name: Add either your name, a manager's name, or even a customer service avatar's name (it's good to have a personal touch) 
  • From Email: This will be the email address your recipients see in their inbox.  It's best to use an email address they will recognize.
  • Reply to: This is the email address that will be used when a recipient clicks "Reply" in their inbox. Also, best to use an email address they will recognize

8. Quick Test

All done! The last step is to test your settings

To test your settings, click Send Invites and send yourself an email or text invite. You'll receive emails/text from Starloop and can see exactly what your clients are going to see when you add them to your Starloop.

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