What happens when I add a Recipient?

Recipients can be added to Starloop using their email address or their cell number or both at the same time. So what happens when you add a recipient to Starloop?


Adding a recipient using their email address will trigger the Starloop Email Sequence. This is a sequence of 3 emails (maximum.) The 3 emails in the sequence generally take between 5 and 10 days to complete.

If a recipient engages with any of the emails, the sequence stops automatically. Also, each email has a one-click "Unsubscribe" link if recipients wish to opt-out. 


Adding a recipient using their cell number will trigger a single SMS message. Unlike adding a recipient by email, there is no sequence or automated follow up. The Starloop SMS is  "one-shot" versus adding a recipient by email which benefits from a sequence of emails. 

Which one gets the most reviews?

For most organizations, adding a recipient by email and using the Starloop Email Sequence will result in more reviews. This is because with the SMS you get one chance! Compared to the Starloop Email Sequence where you get three chances to get a review. 

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