The Starloop Email Sequence

This Starloop Email Sequence is a series of emails specifically designed to engage your recipients to write you an online review. 

These emails combine a clean look, friendly language, customization points (such as your name, your business name, your customer name) and our promise to plant a tree for every review!

When does the Starloop Email Sequence begin?

The sequence of emails begins when you add a recipient to your Starloop using their email address.

How many emails are sent?

A total of 3 emails maximum are sent.  If your recipient engages with any of the emails the sequence stops automatically. For example, if a recipient engages with email 1 they won't get emails 2 and 3. 

Can people opt-out?

Yes, of course. There is an easy one-click "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email.

When does the Starloop Email Sequence stop?

The sequence will stop either when your recipient engages with the email OR when the 3rd email (and final) email is sent.  

Can accidentally invite someone twice?

Nope! Once someone is in your Starloop they will be in there for 90-days and cannot me readded during that time.  This is a built-in fail-safe to prevent any one person from getting too many Starloop emails. 

Uploading a big list of people and worried that you have duplicate recipients?

Can I remove people and add them again?

Not at this time. There's a good reason why

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